Humboldt County is really a favorite of motorcycle aficionados from from coast to coast. Highway 101, the Avenue from the Titans and Hwy 36 are attractive, superbly maintained streets for individuals searching for the best outdoors and scenic journey. The region also hosts numerous organized rides and events, with live music, poker runs, suppliers, and also the camaraderie of fellow motorcyclists.

The Humboldt chapter of U . s . Motorcyclists of Northern California hosts the All Bikes Through The Bay at Samoa Dragstrip family event in This summer. There’s you don’t need to possess a bike to go to, case a great time for any good cause. Proceeds may benefit the Senior Save Center and Eureka Save Mission.

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The Redwood Run takes place in Piercy in June. This across the country known weekend biker party features 72 hours of camping, live music, biker games and hanging out.

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The Riverwood Motel is a superb destination for individuals attending the Redwood Run and it is a popular of motorcycle and vehicle clubs. It’s open year-round, having a winter fire to greet visitors within the not-so-off-season.

Where: 2828 Avenue from the Titans,  Phillipsville (google map)

More Information: 707-943-1766 or even the bar at 707-943-3333


Richardson-GroveHeading north on Hwy 101 from Mendocino into Humboldt County, the first encounter with old-growth redwoods is going to be at Richardson Grove Condition Park. Established in 1922 and named after California’s 25th governor, Friend W. Richardson, this beautiful park isn’t just a well known family camping place, but additionally an excellent place to discover the seaside redwood forests.

There’s a stroll-through tree, along with the ninth highest redwood known along with a fallen tree ring study which was carried out in 1933. The park, that is bisected through the Eel River, also consists of 9 miles of trails that will give you past towering trees, thriving wildlife, and across the South Fork from the Eel River. Across the banks from the river are fantastic sites for fishing for fish and steelhead during the cold months, or swimming within the summer time. There’s a wonderful have a picnic grove with ample parking. If you’d enjoy spending several day around the block, you’ll find 159 camping locations where one can pitch a tent or park your camper. Several cabin rentals can be found for rental. The Customer Center and Character Store are situated within the historic nineteen thirties-era Richardson Grove Lodge. See exhibits and obtain a lot of summer time character programs for example evening campfires, Junior Rangers and led character walks.

Where: On Hwy 101, 7 miles north of Garberville and just 2 miles south of Benbow Lake. There’s each day use fee per vehicle, and bookings are suggested for camping throughout the summer time season. (google)

More Information: 707-247-3318


#11 – Famers’ Markets & Farm Stands

February 27, 2016

A coastal climate and long growing season help Humboldt County farmers produce a bountiful crop each year. At local farmers’ markets, you’ll find everything from fruits and vegetables to fresh flowers and artwork. The larger markets often have live music, artists and other vendors. At all of the local markets, you’ll find a selection of […]

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#14 – Thunderbird Mountain Buying and selling Company

February 26, 2016

The planet-famous Thunderbird Mountain Buying and selling Clients are situated in the middle of the redwood forest on scenic Hwy 101, just south of Richardson Grove Redwoods Condition Park. Captain Shon has labored with Native American Indians because the seventies. His original store, Happy Hunting Ground, was built-in 1972 within the old western capital of scotland- Pinnacle [&#8230]

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#15 – Benbow Valley Golf Course

February 25, 2016

With meticulously tended greens and glorious Humboldt County views, the Benbow Valley Golf Course near Garberville is not only the lone public golf course in southern Humboldt County, but also one of Northern California’s most challenging. This nine-hole, par-35 course features two sets of tees, allowing golfers to play 18 holes. Described by many as […]

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#5 – Creative Beading

December 5, 2015

Whether wearing it, admiring it or making it, most people simply love jewelry. Ifyou like to create jewelry, you’ll discover many delightful bead shops in Humboldt County, where you can find what you need to craft your own pieces. Choose from wooden, glass, gem, stone, bone, metal, plastic or crystal beads — the variety will >more

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#101 – Hoopa Tribal Museum

August 28, 2015

Thousands of years before the Europeans ever reached the coast of California, Native Americans lived a rich and cultured life in the area now known as Humboldt County. Today their fascinating history is preserved and exhibited at the Hoopa Tribal Museum. This tremendous collection displays the heritage of the Yurok, Hoopa and Karuk tribes that >more

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#85 – Big Lagoon County Park

August 27, 2015

Big Lagoon is formed by a long sand spit that separates it from the Pacific Ocean. The spit is really a continuation of Agate Beach, and is a premier beachcombing location. Here the determined walker can find a profound solitude amid the elements, not to mention agates, jades, jaspers, agate “moonstones” and occasionally, though rarely, >more

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#99 – Fishing Trinity

August 26, 2015

The Trinity River watershed is an “Angler’s Paradise” offering four seasons of world-class fishing. Along with its feeder streams, the Trinity River provides more than 1,500 miles of fishable waters that start high in the mountains of the Trinity Alps. The fly-fishing is legendary. Chinook salmon, coho salmon and steelhead are the local superstars, but >more

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#87 – Tide-Pooling

August 25, 2015

The best time for tide-pooling is during spring tides (“spring” in the sense of “jump,” not the season), those that happen every two weeks when there is a full moon or a new moon and the gravitational effects of the moon and the sun complement each other. These have the highest high tides and the >more

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