#5 – Creative Beading

December 5, 2015

get creative with beads

Whether wearing it, admiring it or making it, most people simply love jewelry. Ifyou like to create jewelry, you’ll discover many delightful bead shops in Humboldt County, where you can find what you need to craft your own pieces. Choose from wooden, glass, gem, stone, bone, metal, plastic or crystal beads — the variety will get your creativity flowing. If you need help picking out just the right beads or can’t find what you’re looking for, knowledgeable employees in the stores are available to assist you. In Humboldt County, all your “bead needs” can be met with these retailers:


Hoopa Tribal Museum

Thousands of years before the Europeans ever reached the coast of California, Native Americans lived a rich and cultured life in the area now known as Humboldt County. Today their fascinating history is preserved and exhibited at the Hoopa Tribal Museum. This tremendous collection displays the heritage of the Yurok, Hoopa and Karuk tribes that once dominated the area. You will be amazed at the master craftsmanship that these people displayed in their basketry. These wonderful artifacts are so well crafted that they have lasted hundreds of years. Check out the redwood dugout canoes that are half sides of redwood trees, which have been hollowed out to create naturally constructed canoes. Also, be sure to see all the hand tools that were used by the tribesmen to create the many artifacts on exhibit.

What is even more special about this museum is the fact that the Tribal Museum is a “living museum.” Nearly all the artifacts that are housed in the museum are on loan from Native Americans who use them for many unique rituals and ceremonies that are still a part of their lives.

Hwy 96 in the Hoopa shopping center (google maps)



#85 – Big Lagoon County Park

August 27, 2015

Big Lagoon is formed by a long sand spit that separates it from the Pacific Ocean. The spit is really a continuation of Agate Beach, and is a premier beachcombing location. Here the determined walker can find a profound solitude amid the elements, not to mention agates, jades, jaspers, agate “moonstones” and occasionally, though rarely, >more

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#99 – Fishing Trinity

August 26, 2015

The Trinity River watershed is an “Angler’s Paradise” offering four seasons of world-class fishing. Along with its feeder streams, the Trinity River provides more than 1,500 miles of fishable waters that start high in the mountains of the Trinity Alps. The fly-fishing is legendary. Chinook salmon, coho salmon and steelhead are the local superstars, but >more

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#87 – Tide-Pooling

August 25, 2015

The best time for tide-pooling is during spring tides (“spring” in the sense of “jump,” not the season), those that happen every two weeks when there is a full moon or a new moon and the gravitational effects of the moon and the sun complement each other. These have the highest high tides and the >more

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#53 – Blue Ox Millworks and Historic Park

August 23, 2015

Blue Ox Millworks is a manufacturer of authentic Victorian-style architectural millwork. Antique equipment ranging from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s is used for making custom doors, windows, turnings and Victorian gingerbread that is shipped nationwide. Tooling also includes the world’s largest collection of operating Barnes Brothers Equipment Company human-powered tools. Over the past >more

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#86 – Luffenholz Beach

August 22, 2015

One of Humboldt County’s most spectacular secret spots, Luffenholz Beach is a rocky cove with some of the best tide pools anywhere. It also offers a sandy beach, huge boulders, a year-round creek and stunning views of Trinidad Bay. Glorious on sunny days, dramatic when it storms, and hauntingly mysterious the rest of the time, >more

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#96 – Klamath River Jet Boat Tours

August 21, 2015

The Klamath River is known around the world. It is a beautiful, pristine river that runs from Altamont in Klamath County of Southern Oregon, dips down into Humboldt County, and continues all the way to the Pacific Ocean near the town of Klamath in southern Del Norte County. You can enjoy this picturesque river from >more

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#46 – Humboldt Coastal Nature Center

August 20, 2015

The growing, green-roofed Humboldt Coastal Nature Center in Manila, founded by Friends of the Dunes, is unique in our region. It is the public gateway to over 1000 acres of coastal lands including the dunes near Arcata and Eureka, possibly Humboldt’s best-kept secret. From the Nature Center you can explore on your own or enjoy guided >more

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#49 – Woodley Island

August 19, 2015

One of three natural islands in Humboldt Bay, Woodley Island offers sightseeing with a nautical flavor. Its marina is the largest in Humboldt Bay, with 217 slips for commercial and recreational vessels as well as guest docking facilities. It offers sailors a laundry, restrooms and showers, hoists, and other support services. You can watch fishing >more

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